• Front Porch & Side Extension

    Another exciting project completed by Crannog Roofing; converting a fairly standard front porch into an elegant architectural feature. We got to show a good variation of our capabilities with some construction, timber work and metal cladding here.

    The Client was extrememly helpful and along with his Architect, came up with the design. We proceeded from there by carrying out all Structural work including timber and steelwork as well as concrete and insulation works. Credit must also go to Callaghan Aluminium who supplied and fitted all the new windows and doors to finish off the project.

    Looking forward to adding more pictures in the near future!

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  • Remedial Roofing Works Gormanstow…

    Here is a job we recently completed in Gormanstown just on the border of Meath and Dublin. It involved stripping the original old roof and salvaging as many of the original natural slates as possible. We then cleaned and sprayed the rafters with wood preservative, felt, latted and insulated the roof and re-slated with the original slates and reclaimed slates. The end result is a new lifetime roof with the original appearance intact.













  • Building a cupola on a flat roof …

    This cupola is going to be used to access this flat roof it will have a lead roof and a pillar and recess style render on the exterior finish.keep watching

  • Cutting rafters and joisting out …

    Setting a small rafter leading to a 50m2 flat roof.polyroof protec flat roof on kingspan TR27 insulation.

  • Ring beam pour for reroof

    Pouring a ring beam to support new roof.Treated timbers used for replacement of badly rotted and woodworm infested timber.

  • Roof restoration Tipperary

    Stripping and re roofing old building in Tipperary due to extensive rot and partial collapse.