Pearse Lyons Distillery Conservation Work - Crannog Roofing

The Pearse Lyons Distillery Conservation Work carried out by Crannog Roofing involved a complete rebuild of the existing roof structure at this idyllic location in Dublin city.

James’ St. in Dublin is the location set for this brand new whiskey distillery. The Pearse Lyons Distillery is located at 121-122 James’s St, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Crannog Roofing completed a rebuild of the existing adhering to conservation guidelines in order to maintain the character and originality of the building.

The Crannog team stripped the existing roof. It was then re-built with new treated timber along with Penrhyn Bangor Blue Slates (regarded as the best quality roofing slates in the world).  Crannog kept the traditional look of the former roof. We also formed a massive copper valley behind the parapet wall.  Our copper work was included through the outlets to allow rainwater to flow into the new cast iron gutters and downpipes. This ensured that the building has a new lease of life whilst maintaining its classic look that is so renowned in Dublin city.