Tropical Fruits

Main Contractor

PJ Hegarty & Sons


Henry J. Lyons

Tropical  Fruits

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Main Contrator

PJ Hegarty & Sons


Henry J. Lyons

Completion Date

July 2022


Crannog Fitted back the original timber trusses to this large warehouse roof in the City centre. The trusses were previously transported to Co. Tyrone to Stronghold Preservation where they were restored before being refitted.

After this, Crannog recovered the roof using salvaged slates on the inner roofs, as these roofs are easily accessible with limited risk should any slates fail. The outer slates were fitted with new Franvisa slate to give it a full service life where they are most exposed

Products/Systems Used

Malaysian Plywood and C24 timber all as per LEED requirements. Reclaimed slates (to inner roofs) and 8mm Franvisa Slates (to outer roofs)